Procurement Tracking Spreadsheet

Streamline the Procurement Process

Excel Template designed for recording Business Purchases & Supplier Payments

Does your Business make bulk [routine] purchases?

Are you a Store | Purchasing Officer?

Or you just a need Vendor Management System?

If yes, then you need the DesignVAT Procurement Tracking Spreadsheet

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Why You Need A Vendor Management Spreadsheet?

Procurement in a business is the act of sourcing suppliers and purchasing goods or services from those suppliers.

As your Business grows you'll have a large database of Vendors/Supplies. DesignVAT Vendor management solution provides a centralised record of all your business's vendors and their key information such as Contact Information and Order History.

Save Time & Be More Productive

Spreadsheeet Features

DesignVAT Procurement Spreadsheet allows you to reduce unnecessary expenses due to failure to properly monitor vendors.

  1. Create Vendor/Supplier Database:

    - Store Key Information [Company Name | Contact Persons | Vendor Category | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

    - Supports for over 100 Vendors

    - Define Vendor Categories

  2. Track of Business Purchases

    - Create Purchase Orders

    - Record Vendor Transactions

    - Filter Transactions by Year, Month, Customer

  3. Track Credit Purchases

    - Generate a Point-In-Time Creditors List showing all Suppliers you Owe & by how much

  4. Purchase Orders

    - A Purchase Order or “PO” is a document issued by a Buyer (You) to a Supplier | Seller for the purchase of Goods.

    - Automatically create Purchase Orders:

    - PO Date

    - Supplier Information

    - Item to be purchased

    - Quantity

    - Agreed-upon price

    - It also automatically generates a sequential Purchase Order Number.

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Procurement Tracking Spreadsheet

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