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Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

Monitoring your Business Expenses just got easier with Microsoft Excel. Record Keeping is one of the most important responsibilities of a Small Business Owner. As a Business you'll have to spend money continually on your Business, this is referred to as Business Expense. Business Expense is any cost incurred in the course of running a Business.

Examples Of Business Expenses:

Operating Expense: Office Space, Utilities, Internet Subscription, etc.

Advertising | Marketing Expense: Business Cards, Flyers, Online Paid Ads, etc.

Payroll Expense: Staff Salaries, Cost associated with hiring Independent Contractors, Social Media Consultants, etc.

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Why You Need An Expense Tracking Spreadsheet?

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Spreadsheeet Features

Manually recording your business data can be tasking and time-consuming particularly if done for multiple Products. This is why you need DesignVAT Daily Sales & Inventory Spreadsheet to automate Inventory Tracking and Record Keeping.

  1. Define up 10 Expense Categories: Create Expense Categories that work best with your Business: Advertising | Transport | Travel | Salaries, etc.

  2. Support for over 100 Products

  3. Monthly Reports:

    - Monitor Expenses By Category]

    - Know how much you spend on Advertising, Transport, Electricity, & other Expense Categories Monthly | Quarterly | Yearly

    - At a glance view month-to-month expenses& Evaluate your Spending on a Monthly | Quarterly | Yearly basis across all Categories

    - Pull up past Transactions | Reports and filter for specific Months | Years.

  4. Petty Cash Tracking: Petty Cash is a small amount of money (cash) set aside for small Expenses, Expenses too small to write a Cheque or go to the Bank.

    - Track Petty Cash Reimbursements

    - Collection Date

    - Collector | Custodian Name | Amount Collected

  5. Create Customer Database

    - Store Customer Contact Details [Full Name | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

    - Link Daily Sales Transactions With Customers

    - Pull up Customer Transaction History

  6. Calculate Cash at Hand at any point in time: Generate Daily Report for any specified period showing:

    - Opening Balance

    - Closing Balance

    - Total Cash In

    - Total Cash Out

  7. Create Supplier Database

    - Store Supplier Info. [Business Name | Point Of Contact | Phone No | Address, etc.].

    - Link Expense Transactions with Suppliers

    - Pull Up Supplier Transaction History

  8. Track Creditors | Supports Credit Purchases

    - Supports Paid & Credit Purchase

    Generate a Point-In-Time Creditors List showing all Suppliers you Owe & by how much

  9. Generate Point In Time Inventory Balance Report

    - List Sold Out Products

    - Know Products with Low Quantities [Reorder Report]

    - Get Current Inventory Value

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Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

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