Employee Database Spreadsheet

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One important stage when recruiting new Staff is Documentation. Usually an Employee Information Form is filled by the Employee, Collecting Personal, Reference & Contact Information.

Do you need an Excel Spreadsheet to Store Employee Info?

To record Guarantor/Referee Information?

To easily pull Employee Birthday Reminders

If yes, then you need the DesignVAT Employee Database Spreadsheet

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Why You Need An Employee Database Spreadsheet?

DesignVAT Employee Database Spreadsheet is a tool that allows HR teams to easily store, organize, and manage employee data and documents.

Save Time & Be More Productive

Spreadsheeet Features

Seamlessly track and manage all your Employee Information from a centralized location.

  1. Employee Database

    - Store Personal Info: Employee Name, Birthdate, Phone, Email, Contact Address, etc

    - Supports for over 100 Employee

    - Store Work Info: Hire Dates, Job Title, Department, Remuneration, etc.

  2. Track Departmental Transfers

    - Define up to 10 Departments

    - Track Employee Departmental Transfers: Employee Name, Transfer Date, etc.

  3. Reports

    - Custom Report using Any Employee Attribute [Phone Number | Email Address | Birth Month, etc.]

    - List all Employees with Birthdays in Current Month

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