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It is a User-Friendly Solution powered with Microsoft Excel that solves a Business Need. DesignVAT Spreadsheets are designed to simplify Record Keeping for Business Owners:

- Recording Daily Sales & Expense Transactions
- Generating Invoices & Receipts
- Storing Customer | Vendors | Employee Information
- Monitoring Business Performance
- Generating Monthly Reports
- Creating Charts | Graphs
- Collecting | Storing | Tracking | Analyzing Business Data.

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A Computer [Desktop or Laptop]
Windows Operating System [Windows 7, 8 or 10]
Microsoft Excel [Version 2013 upwards]
Please note that DesignVAT Spreadsheets are not compatible with Apple Devices.

Each DesignVAT Spreadsheet comes with a Step-By-Step Tutorial Video.

The video covers each Section and Functionality and is simplified for individuals with little or no Microsoft Excel knowledge. To use our Spreadsheets you require only Basic Computer Skills [Using a Computer, Opening Microsoft Excel, Typing, etc.].

DesignVAT Spreadsheets are single-user. Each Spreadsheet can be stored on the Cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) and accessed from any location and internet-enabled Computer. However, 2 users cannot use a single solution concurrently, i.e. at the same time.

DesignVAT Spreadsheets can be used Online or Offline based on the User's Preference.

Online: It can be stored on a Cloud Storage Platform [Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.] and accessible from any Location and Computer.

Offline: It can be stored on your Local Hard Disk like a regular Excel Document.

Once an order is placed, the spreadsheet is delivered via email. You simply download the file from the link in the email and start using it as demonstrated in the demo video.

DesignVAT Spreadsheets cost from USD 200 each. This is a one-time payment [No Monthly Subscriptions or Fees].

Payment can be made using a variety of Methods:
- Paypal
- Direct Bank Deposits
- Fiverr Platform
- Flutterwave | Paystack [Debit | Credit Cards]

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For Spreadsheets with Invoicing & Receipt Functionality, before delivery we can customize with your Logo if required.
Send Logo [PNG Format] with Ordering Details to templates@designvat.com]

At DesignVAT we create Custom Solutions to meet your Business Requirements:

- New Spreadsheet Solution [Based on your Need] - Add New Features to Existing DesignVAT Spreadsheet - Remove Features from Existing DesignVAT Spreadsheet

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DesignVAT Spreadsheets are delivered Online Via Email. We use the Email Address you specify on the Order Form.

After Payment Confirmation:

Generic Templates are delivered within 24 hours. All Spreadsheets are customized with a Business Name before delivery.

Spreadsheets are Password-protected and users would be unable to change the structure. Templates can only be used as demonstrated in Demo Videos

Custom Templates are delivered in 5 - 14 Business Days depending on the complexity of the Features required and work demands.

At DesignVAT Spreadsheets, our goal is to ensure you are satified with your Order. Before Ordering please endeavour to watch Spreadsheet Demo Videos.

Demo Videos give a demonstration of the Product - Features | Functionalities | Usage.
Our Spreadsheets are non-tangible goods so we do not issue refunds or exchanges after the Spreadsheet has been delivered or Order Placed.

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