Project Management Spreadsheet

Are you a Project Manager?

This is an All In One Spreadsheet for Businesses into Construction / Projects.

Simplify the process of tracking Project Cost & Contractor Payments..

Into Construction?

Do you oversee Multiple Projects?

Or do you just need to monitor spending/cost for a Project?

If yes, then you need the DesignVAT Project Management Spreadsheet.

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Why You Need An Project Tracking Spreadsheet?

We all undertake Projects from time to time; this can be on a Personal Level (Wedding, Birthday Planning) or a Commercial Level where we charge for a service rendered. A Project is an activity that produces a specific output and or outcome.

Project Cost Tracking is a tedious process as it involves hiring vendors/contractors, tracking respective payments and keeping a tab on the overall cost incurred per stage. DesignVAT Project Management Spreadsheet helps to simplify the process.

Save Time & Be More Productive

Spreadsheeet Features

Manually recording your business data can be tasking and time-consuming particularly if done for multiple Products. This is why you need the DesignVAT Project Management Spreadsheet.

  1. Create Multiple Databases: [Product Category | Product Name | Starting Quantity | Selling Price]

    - Create Customer Database [Full Name | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

    - Create Contractor Database [Business Name | Services List | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

    - Create Employee Database [Full Name | Job Title | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

  2. Create Projects

    - Create Customer Profiles and assign Projects

    - Track Customer Payments and Outstandings

    - Assign Contractors to Projects & monitor Payments

  3. Monitor Project Cost

    - Record Daily Project Expenditure

    - Track Monthly Spending by Expense Category

    - Generate Summaries detailing Labour & Material Cost per Project.

  4. Generate Monthly Reports

    - Profit & Loss Statement

    - Income Summaries

    - Expense Summaries

    - Top Revenue Months

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