Income & Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

For Businesses That Offer Services

Every Business needs a Solution to track Cashflow - Cash Inflow [from Revenue Generating Activities] & Cash Outflow [from Business Spending].

A Service Business is any Business that offers a Service: Dry Cleaning, Consulting, Training, Tech Professionals, Logistics, Fashion Designing, Food etc. If you don't sell physical products you're most likely a Service Business.

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Why You Need An Income/Expense Tracking Spreadsheet?

Our Tracker Spreadsheet is designed to assist Service Businesses in measuring overall Business Performance.

Save Time & Be More Productive

Spreadsheeet Features

Manually recording your business data can be tasking and time-consuming particularly if done for multiple Products. This is why you need DesignVAT Daily Sales & Inventory Spreadsheet to automate Inventory Tracking and Record Keeping.

  1. Create Service/Charge List: Create a Price list [Service Name | Respective Prices]

  2. Support for over 100 Products

  3. Record Daily Orders:

    - Track Who Ordered What, When and how Much

    - Create a Daily Sales | Order Log to enter daily transactions

    - Filter Daily Sales Log by Month | Quarter | Year | Service Type | Customer

  4. Track Business Expenses

    - Define up to 8 Expense Categories [Advertising, Office Space, Salaries, Utilities, etc.]

    - Track Spending across each Category

    - Link Expense Transactions with Suppliers

  5. Create Invoices: Can be set to A4 or Letter Size prior to delivery

  6. Create Customer Database

    - Store Customer Contact Details [Full Name | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

    - Link Daily Sales Transactions With Customers

    - Pull up Customer Transaction History

  7. Create Supplier Database

    - Store Supplier Contact Details [Full Name | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

    - Link Daily Expense Transactions With Suppliers

  8. Generate Monthly Income Report

    - Track Monthly Income

    - Compare Current Month vs Last Month Income Totals

  9. Generate Monthly Expense Report

    - Track Total Expense across all Expense Categories

    - Compare Current Month vs Last Month Expense Totals

    - Filter Report for specific Month | Quarter | Year

  10. Monitor Creditors

    - A Creditor is a person | Company you owe money, usually from Credit Purchases

    - This Spreadsheet supports tracking Credit Purchases

    - Generate Point in Time Creditor List: Showing all Suppliers you Owe

    - Get Current Inventory Value

  11. Monitor Debtors

    - A Debtor is a person | Company that owes you money, usually from Credit Sales

    - This Spreadsheet supports tracking Credit Sales

    - Generate Point in Time Debtors List: Showing all Customers that owe your

  12. Generate Profit & Loss Statement

    - Generate Monthly P & L Statement for 12 Calendar Months

    - Generate Quarterly P & L Statement for 4 Quarters

    - View & Compare Monthly Income [Jan vs Feb vs Mar]

    - View & Compare Monthly Expense across Categories [Jan vs Feb vs Mar]

    - Multi-Year Statement Support: Pull up Past or Current Years' Statement

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