Asset Tracking Spreadsheet

Streamline the Procurement Process

Every Business has Assets they occasionally move from one location to another and or assign from one employee to another. This Spreadsheet enables you track Asset Movement & Assignment, across Departments, Facilities and Employees.

Do you Need A Fixed Asset Register in Microsoft Excel?

To track assignment of Laptops, Phones, Etc. to Employees?

To monitor Inventory Restock, Usage & Balance In Stock

If yes, then you need the DesignVAT Asset Tracking Spreadsheet

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Why You Need An Asset Tracking Spreadsheet?

Asset Tracking is the process of recording all Company Assets at the point of purchase and monitoring the status and current custodian.

Save Time & Be More Productive

Spreadsheeet Features

Seamlessly track and manage all your business's high-value assets, including equipment, tools and other Business Inventory.

  1. Create A Fixed Asset Register

    - Record all Company Assets [Asset Category | Asset Name | Serial Number | Purchase Price | Condition]

    - Supports for over 100 Assets

  2. Track Asset Assigment

    - Check in & Check Out Equipment

    - Easily know where each Equipment is at any point in time

    - Track Equipment Rentals & get reminders on those due for return

    - Track Asset Movement - Date | Asset Name | Location | etc.

  3. Track Disposal Inventory

    - Record Incoming & Outgoing Inventory

    - Pull Up Balance In Stock

  4. Reports

    - Pull up comprehensive Asset Movement History

    - Pull up comprehensive Equipment Rental History

    - Pull up comprehensive Asset Disposal History

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