Manufacturing Account Spreadsheet

Production Analyses and Tracking

A Manufacturing Business is one that uses Raw Materials to Assemble and Create Finished Goods, e.g Clothing & Textiles Factories, Yogurt & Fruit Production, Bakeries, Beauty Products Production, etc.

On a day-to-day basis many Finished Goods are produced from Raw Materials & sold to Wholesale | Retail Outlets or directly to Customers. If this sounds like what you do, then this Spreadsheet is for you.

Do you Produce | Manufacture Products??

Convert Raw Materials Into Finished Goods?

Sell Finished Goods to End Users??

If yes, then you need DesignVAT Manufacturing Account Spreadsheet.

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Why You Need A Manufacturing Account Spreadsheet?

One time-consuming task faced by Manufacturing | Production Businesses is monitoring Raw Materials & Finished Goods Inventory - particularly if you produce a Variety & sell in Large Quantities. Manufacturing Businesses undertake a large number of transactions:

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Spreadsheeet Features

Some Manufacturing Businesses sell on Credit - requiring owners to monitor owing customers, Payments Made & Outstanding Balances. Tracking this can all be extremely tasking if done manually. The Manufacturing Spreadsheet is designed to assist Small Business Owners in automating Inventory Tracking and Record Keeping.

  1. Create Product | Raw Material Database:

    - Store all Inventory Products [Product Name | Selling Price]

    - Supports over 1000 unique Products

    - Create a Raw Materials List [RM Name | Unit Of Measure].

  2. Monitor Inventory Levels

    - Track Inventory Levels for Both Raw Materials & Finished Goods

    - Monitor Raw Materials Usage [Purchase | Usage | Balance In Stock]

    - Monitor Finished Goods Inventory [Production | Daily Sales | Balance In Stock]

  3. Create Invoices: Can be set to A4 or Letter Size prior to delivery

  4. Record Daily Sales

    - Track Who bought What, When and How Much

    - Create a Daily Sales Log to record daily transactions.

    - Filter Daily Sales Log by Month | Quarter | Year | Product Type | Customer

  5. Create Customer Database

    - Store Customer Contact Details [Full Name | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

    - Link Daily Sales Transactions With Customers

    - Pull up Customer Transaction History

  6. Track Business Expenses

    - Define up to 8 Recurrent Expense Categories [Advertising, Salary, Utilities, Office Space, etc.]

    - Define up to 5 Factory Overhead Categories [Equipment Maintenance, Factory Expenses, Fuel | Power | Gas, Factory Insurance, etc.]

  7. Generate Point In Time Inventory Balance Report

    - Track Spending across each Category

    - Link Expense Transactions with Suppliers

  8. Monitor Creditors

    - A Creditor is a Person | Company [Supplier] you owe money, usually from Credit Purchases

    - Track Credit Purchases

    - Generate Point in Time Creditor List: Showing all Suppliers you Owe

  9. Monitor Debtors

    - A Debtor is a person | Company [Customer] that owes you money, usually from Credit Sales

    - Track Credit Sales

    - Generate Point in Time Debtors List: Showing all Customers that owe you

  10. Create Supplier Database

    - Store Supplier Contact Details [Full Name | Phone No | Email | Contact Address]

    - Link Daily Expense Transactions With Suppliers

    - Pull up Supplier Transaction History

  11. Generate Monthly Expense Report

    - Generate Monthly Summary across all Expense Categories

    - Filter Report for specific Month | Quarter | Year

  12. Generate Manufacturing Account

    - Calculate Cost of Goods Sold: Opening Balance + Cost of Finished Goods Manufactured - Closing Balance

    -Generate Manufacturing Account - This is a Report which accumulates all the Manufacturing Costs of Finished Goods during an Accounting Periodr

  13. Generate Profit & Loss Statement

    - Generate P & L Statement for Current Month | 1st Quarter | 2nd Quarter | 3rd Quarter | 4th Quarter | Entire Year

    -Generate Expense Summary by Category for each Accounting Period

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